Sustainable Life

Live A More Sustainable Life

Wondering what you can do to be more sustainable at home, work and everywhere? Here is our easy list of some small things you can do each day to be more sustainable.  We’ll keep changing it up.


  1. Eat less red meat!
  2. Drink tap water!
  3. Unplug stuff when you’re not in your room or office.
  4. Go forkless! Bring your own fork, spork or spoon and don’t take a plastic one from Collis.
  5. Go bagless! Bring a bag and avoid getting a plastic bag at Topside!


  1. Ditch the car. Personal cars account for 35% of American transportation emissions and the average American spends 72 minutes a day in their car. Bike, carpool, bus or walk!
  2. Use the stairs. People who use the stairs tend to lose weight over the average year. It’s a free gym!
  3. Bring your own cup. Carry your mug and/or water bottle. All those bottles and cups add up. In roughly 2 weeks of daily use, your mug is more energy and materials efficient than paper or plastic.


  1. Use less energy. Make your home as efficient as possible by reducing air leaks. Nearly every state has incentives for these improvements. Google “energy efficiency” and your state to find them. It saves you money.
  2. Use better energy. If you burn oil, consider switching to natural gas, biomass or even electric heat when it’s time to replace your heating system. Consider alternative energies like solar thermal, geothermal and solar pv, especially in states where there are incentives for these, or during new construction. What is lowest impact depends based on where you are and there may be incentives in your state for these. Google “renewable energy” and your state to find them.


  1. Eat (even a little) less red meat! You are what you eat, and the planet feels it too. Red meat has a big net negative impact, in terms of carbon emissions production and environmental impact per calorie. In addition, it’s not great for your health, your waistline or your wallet! Eating just one vegetarian meal each week reduces your carbon emissions by the equivalent of 1,160 miles of driving.
  2. Buy less stuff. Save your money for experiences, like canoeing on the Connecticut with a picnic dinner and a friend.  Reuse what you have and go retro, repurposing old stuff.


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