Build Wealth By Going Green

You are due extra money this year. It is yours. You’re entitled to it. And it is easy to get it once you know how.

And once you know the secret to getting this extra money, you can use it every year for the rest of your life.

It is like giving yourself a generous raise, even if your employer is not so generous.

But big corporations hope you don’t find out how to claim this extra money. Why? Because it will come out of their pockets!

Steve StillwaterI’m Steve Stillwater, publisher of the Living Green and Saving Energy web site, and I want to show you a simple path to an extra $2000 or more this year – and every year afterward.

But first, I’d like to tell you the story of Ronald Read, a humble Vermont gas station attendant who amassed an $8 million fortune by the time he died at age 92. In fact, no one appeared to have any idea that he was so wealthy, including his stepchildren.

Mr. Read was profiled by CNBC and written about on Yahoo Finance, which is how I learned about him.

Mr. Read wasn’t any smarter than you. And when he moved on from his gas station job, he worked as a janitor for JC Penney. So he probably earned less money than you do. But he understood a secret that led him down a path to wealth.

How did Mr. Read – who for almost 25 years worked at a gas station and then as a janitor at JC Penney – build such a large fortune?

Two simple steps. I’ll give you the second one first: he invested his savings wisely and safely. That is a given.

But it is the first step that is the most important. He was able to save. He did this by controlling his expenses. As I like to put it, he kept his outgo lower than his income.

Read didn’t live an extravagant lifestyle. He didn’t splurge on fancy holidays, fast cars or other status symbols. He found ways to save, and he knew that the easiest savings was the money you never needed to spend. And the build up of those savings was the key to having investable money that bought him wealth.


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