Bicycles, egg hunts, and garden time!

Twas a full, fun weekend in these parts!  The usual Saturday gardening was on hold due to the ground being much too wet, but Matthew headed out anyway to pick up G after his overnight at Baba’s house.  While there, Matthew picked the first asparagus of the season (if you don’t count the single spear from last week) and supervised the delivery of a dump truck full of compost (20 cubic yards).  Gabriel was very excited about both the asparagus and the dump truck!

img_7160That afternoon, we headed to the local school playground with G’s new bike in tow.  As you’ll see in the picture below, we went ahead and put on training wheels.  Even with that addition, getting him to ride the darn thing turned into quite a saga (later post), so this was huge progress!

Nothing fancy — just a few eggs with stickers, chocolate covered raisins, pistachios, and a few jelly beans.  He picked out one jelly bean to eat before breakfast.

After breakfast, we put on our Easter best, packed our bags with a change of clothes for garden work, and headed to church, then a very nice brunch (my FIL went all out!) . . .

. . . and egg hunt number two!

This marked the first day ever (I think) that I have planned on Gabriel not napping.  I’m not going to make a habit of it, as most days he could really use that extra bit of sleep, but it worked fine.

Eggs were found, pictures were taken, and we were off to the garden!

While we loaded and hauled 5-gallon buckets full of beautiful compost, Gabriel played king of the hill (and also “compost pile slide” and various other activities that would ensure he was thoroughly coated in the stuff).  Unfortunately, it wasn’t warm enough to strip him and hose him off outside, so we settled for the bathtub at my MIL’s.

The compost is still hot, so for now we’re just using it to line the paths in the garden (the dark rows in the above photo).  Eventually we’ll add some to the beds.

Matthew planted parsnip seeds and a few more potatoes.  My MIL transplanted celeriac seedlings.  I just pulled weeds and hauled compost.  Despite the cool, wet weather, they’ve now finished almost all of the spring planting.

The tired gardeners returned home to a simple dinner of black-eyed peas, rice, just-harvested Swiss chard, and sweet potatoes.  It was just what I wanted after the rich brunch!


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