Water Cans Makeover !!!!!

Water Cans

Watering cans add a playful element to the otherwise spine-breaking world of gardening. Here are some exciting ways you can add glamour to your watering cans.

A vital aspect of gardening is watering the plants to keep them smiling, healthy and salubrious. While there are several modern watering techniques like using irrigation sprinklers to water a large area, say a lawn or employing trigger nozzle or garden hose to drain a specific location, there is no denying the clout of the time-honouredwatering cans.


A watering can is defined as a portable container with a handle and a spout to water plants with the hand. The existence of watering cans can be traced back to as lon


g as the 17th century where the term first appeared in the diary of sprightly gardener, Lord Timothy Simon George of Cornwall, before which it was known as “watering pot”.

In the year 1885, Michael Deas patented the “Haws” watering-can, substituting the top-mounted handle with a single-handed at the rear. There are various kinds of Haws watering cans in the sections of ‘The Haws Professional Range Watering Cans’, ‘The Haws Traditional Watering Cans’, ‘The Haws Slimcan Watering Cans’, ‘The Haws Outdoor Plastic Decorative Watering Cans’, ‘The Haws Indoor Plastic Watering Cans’ and ‘Haws Indoor Metal Watering Cans’.


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