CLOUD POWER – Clean Water And Energy From Clouds


Cloud Power with energy conversions………

Finding ways to produce clean, renewable forms of energy is one of the most pressing issues facing our planet today. In order to be successful in doing so, it seems that we’ll need to “think outside of the box”. Or in the case of Air: HES, this would seem to require thinking outside of the troposphere.

The folks over at Air: HES were curious, could we somehow harness clouds and use them to power the planet? Not only that, could we also use these same clouds to harvest clean water and help put an end to drought around the globe? Well, it would seem the answer is yes.

Air: HES has developed a unique cloud harvesting system that could help to put an end to those two major issues facing our planet; clean energy and clean water. The system works by launching a weather balloon roughly 2-3km into the air which is connected to a cloud harvesting panel. That panel condenses water vapor into a liquid and transports it down to a turbo generator which then creates energy.

What is Cloud Power?

          Cloud Power collects moisture from the clouds and channels it down to earth in the form of water and energy. We do this with a device called the Air HES, or air hydroelectric station. Air Hes is a weather balloon that is launched thousands of meters into the sky. The device then uses a large “collector” to capture cloud moisture as they pass through the device. This water is then sent to the ground through conduit attachments. A turbo generator is then used to generate power from the water pressure to yield energy. 20140816161155-Blimp

Our Mission!

         Our mission is to use our device to provide clean drinking water and energy to impoverished areas without a source of clean, unpolluted drinking water. Our goal is to expand this application world-wide.



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